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This TPMS-PRO product finder is a continually updated information resource that helps car garages and part traders to find fast and easy what replacement TPMS sensor or service part is required for every TPMS-fitted vehicle sold in Europe.

TPMS as a chance

The TPMS mandate for new vehicles will lead to significant changes for the tyre service in garages. Benefit from these opportunities and strengthen your position as a competent specialist. TPMS-PRO supports you in this challenge and provides an extensive information database and many helpful practical hints.



Save time and money!

The replacement and service of TPMS systems will take additional time. Keep this extra effort as little as possible. TPMS-PRO helps you to find quickly the right information with its intuitive search function and practical advices. This saves you time and costly mistakes are also prevented. With TPMS-PRO you will achieve professional work results and optimise your workshop procedures.